Unix Server Software Architect & Performance Optimist


To design and develop large-scale high-performance OS X/BSD/Linux/Unix server software from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.




Apple, Cupertino, California    March 2008 - present
Senior Server Software Engineer
Contributed to the quality of two major releases of Mac OS X Server, Snow Leopard 10.6 and Lion 10.7.

Yahoo!, Sunnyvale, California    April 2003 - December 2007
Technical Architect
Managed, enhanced, and streamlined the distributed storage system supporting Yahoo! Photos, Briefcase, Groups, Shopping, Personals, and 40 other properties as it grew from tens of terabytes in one farm to several petabytes in dozens of farms around the world, serving a billion files a day to hundreds of millions of users.

CacheFlow, Sunnyvale, California    October 2001 - April 2002
Senior Software Engineer
Developed a high-performance access logging subsystem for a next-generation web accelerator until the product was cancelled.

Silicon Graphics (SGI), Mountain View, California    July 1993 - October 2001
Software Engineer
Joined the Full Service Network interactive television project at its inception, followed through to its successful deployment, helped develop it into a few different products, and improved the performance of general-purpose Irix servers.

Kubota Pacific Computer, Santa Clara, California    September 1991 - June 1993
System Software Engineer

Unisys (Convergent Technologies), San Jose, California    July 1989 - August 1991
System Software Engineer
Developed a multiprocessor version of System V Release 4 for the U6000/65 multiprocessor i486 departmental server.

Software Engineer Internships
Encore Computer Corporation, Marlborough, Massachusetts    Summer 1988
Ported RPC and NFS daemons and libraries. Analyzed NFS performance.
Data General Corporation, Westborough, Massachusetts    Winter 1987, Summer 1987, Summer 1986
Developed system software for a standalone I/O processor. Analyzed system performance.
NOVA Biomedical Corporation, Waltham, Massachusetts    Summer 1985
Developed an application to maintain an inventory of fluid packs for hospital laboratory instruments.
Data General Corporation, Westborough, Massachusetts    Summer 1984
Integrated Unix releases for a native-Unix machine. Customized systems software.

Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, Sudbury, Massachusetts    1981-1985
System Manager
While a student, maintained and customized Unix versions 7 and BSD 2.9 on a PDP 11/70.


Cornell University, College of Engineering, Ithaca, New York
Bachelor of Science Degree with Distinction, May 1989
Major: Computer Science; Concentration in Electrical Engineering


Operating Systems      OS X, BSD, Linux, Irix, Unix
Programming Languages      Objective-C and Cocoa, C++ and STL, C, Java, Perl, shell/grep/awk/sed, PHP, assembly
Threads      State threads, Pthreads, Blocks and GCD
Application Protocols      IMAP, POP, SMTP, HTTP, TLS/SSL
Servers and Services      Dovecot, Postfix, Apache, thttpd, Akamai and AkaDNS
Configuration Management      Subversion, Perforce, CVS, RCS, ClearCase
Tracking and Ticketing      Bugzilla, Request Tracker
Storage and File Systems      HFS+, Xsan, Network Appliance filers, RAID, UFS, NFS, XFS, ZFS
Tools      Xcode, Stunnel, Gnuplot, RRDtool, Doxygen

My family, bicycling, model rocketry, pipe organs, pervasive social computing, ethnic foods, chocolate.

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